суббота, 18 декабря 2021 г.


🟡  Snowman SLAM game
Materials: white paper cups, colored paper, glue, scissors, white or blue napkins.

  1. Make some "snowmen" from paper cups and colored paper (the cup is the snowman's head, you can cut out eyes, nose, and mouth from paper) with your students.
  2. When the "snowmen" are ready, you need to prepare "snowballs". These can be made from napkins.
  3. Each team of students "builds" a pyramid of snowman cups. It is possible as shown in the picture.
  4. Then each team lines up one after the other at a distance from their pyramid of snowmen. The first player of each team tries to knock down as many cups from the pyramid as possible with his/her snowball. If he or she fails the first time  - the next team member tries .
  5. The team that copes with the snow pyramid faster wins.


Active games

🔵  Mitten Munch Relay
Materials: candies, mittens.

  1. Divide the class into teams (5-6 students each).
  2. Prepare a pair of mittens for each team.
  3. At the other side of the room, place a plate of candies for each team (at equal distances from the teams and in equal quantity).
  4. The players line up one behind the other (each team). When the teacher turns on the music (or gives the "Start" command), each first member of the team puts on mittens and should get to the plate of candies as soon as possible, take one and unwrap it as quickly as possible without removing the mittens (candy can then be eaten). When the candy is unwrapped, the player returns to the team and passes the mittens to the next player.
  5. The team that unwrapped all the candies the fastest wins.


     Snowman SLAM game Materials : white paper cups, colored paper, glue, scissors, white or blue napkins. Make some "snowmen" fro...